West Indian Music
The Hoppin' John Steel Band

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The above musicians are from the larger ensemble known as The Hoppin' John Steel Band. Instrumentalists in this group include steel drums (or "pans") of various sizes, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboard, horns, vocalists, limbo dancers, a fire show (pictured below) and other specialists added for special occasions.
They have, collectively and individually, performed for audiences worldwide, and locally for private and corporate events such as the Reader's Digest employee carnival, and the Buick Classic at Westchester Country Club, among others.

Here they are with Hillary Clinton

Their Repertoire Includes:

Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Carnival, Belafonte, "Beach Music" and standard American selections as well. Available for parties, concerts, dances and in various combinations for smaller events.

The Fire Show

Thrill your guests with a blazing fire performance.
This amazing act, along with our limbo show, adds a dramatic dimension to our Calypso and Reggae bands. It's also a great addition to a DJ.
Completely safe - Can be performed indoors or outside.

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