La Tuna

The above musicians are members of the ensemble known as La Tuna. Originally, the "La Tuna" style grew out of the life of the Spanish university students in the 13th century. The first groups, called "esudiantinas," were made up of 10 -15 students who strolled through the towns serenading their girlfriends - stopping in cafes or bars, singing, playing and starting fiestas wherever they went. As time went by, the groups got smaller and began to roam all over the world. Their colorful medieval costumes with flaring capes and swaying ribbons always present the picture of romance and adventure created by the wandering minstrels of old.

Instrumentation may include, guitars, voices, violin, bandurria (similar to a mandolin) and accordion. They are available in duos, trios and larger ensembles.

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