Blues and R&B
The Funky Dogs
Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Classic Rock, Etc.

Hear a Dance Party Demo
(Featuring Mostly Classic Rock)

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In addition to Blues, the Funky Dogs play such a wide variety of music that it's impossible to put it all here. This audio demo will give you a ten minute montage of songs recorded live at a party for the 40th birthday of the publisher of Reader's Digest, held at the New York Athletic Club. It's a verylive recording with the sounds of the guests in the background having fun, dancing etc. The selections on this clip include, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, New Orleans "Creole", Calypso, Otis Redding and Motown. And this represents just a small fraction of our total repertoire. Above all, the fact is we have great taste in party music and that's what makes a great party.

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