America's Singing Poet
Steve DePass - America's Singing Poet

Steve DePass is a master of improvisation. He is a poet, a singer and a composer. He actually invents songs on the spot using topics suggested by his audience. These songs are at once witty, poignant, satirical, humorous or philosophical and often consist of complicated rhymes and sophisticated ideas.

Because of his uncanny ability to improvise and ad lib, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller once referred to Steve DePass as the Carl Sandburg of our time. In concert Steve has performed at the White House and at Carnegie Hall. He's appeared in fourteen solo concerts at Town Hall in New York City and at hundreds of college campuses, including in Canada and South America.

In television, he has appeared on the Mike Douglas Show, the Tonight Show, the Merv Griffin Show, the Ed Sullivan Show and many others. In addition to writing and appearing in many industrial shows, Steve has also performed at many hotels throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. His compositions include countless television and radio commercials.

His appeal as an entertainer extends to people of all ages and in every walk of life!

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